NameGenPros Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I pay for every name of the list?
A. Yes, but only $100.00 per name. There is no additional charge.
Q. We already have a search firm working for us.
A. We are NOT a conventional contingency search firm! We ARE industry leaders who specialize in name generation searches.
Q. Our company has a national agreement.
A. Since we are not a recruiting company, we are not required to be on a national agreement because we are a service company similar to placing a newspaper ad and we work in partnership with H.R.
Q. How do you get your candidates?
A. By confidentially contacting competitors in your area.
Q. How many names do I receive?
A. A typical list is 30 names that we provide to you in most cases
Q Will I get resumes?
A. A brief background is provided on every interested candidate. A resume will be provided where available.
Q. You say, “I already know the candidates in my area.”
A. That’s just our point! Who better to interview your competitors with our unique ability to help you pull it all together.
Q. Do you screen the candidates?
A. Yes. Each candidate is given a copy of your job description and screened for background information and their qualification level.
Q. What industries do you cover?
A. HVAC, Building Automation, Energy, Power Controls, Security and Fire-Life-Safety are our specialties.
Q. What do I do with the candidates not interested?
A. These are perfect leads for future positions and networking.
Q. What if I do not get a hire from your list?
A. If you do not fill your position, we will turn it into a contingency search.
Q. How do I know you will not give out our employee’s names?
A. Please note that once you become an 'active customer' of NGP, we will guarantee that we will not share your employee's names with any outside company who may have a need for such an individual. We are a loyal company and we are looking for loyal customers. (Note: Active Customer is a customer who has used NGP for a minimum of three searches.)

To get started with Name Generation Professionals, please contact us at 973-696-2327

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